This story I’m very proud to share with you guys!

According to MTV Act, Beyoncé is currently donating $125,000 to
“Embrace Innovations” If you don’t know, Embrace Invitation is an organization that gives out “sleeping bags” to keep alive premature infants whose parents can’t afford an incubator, or can’t seem to get in touch with a place for one.

Even though these aren’t sleeping bags, they are lifesaving and very easy to use to help the babies get warm. Thanks to Queen Beyoncé, there will now be pilot testing with these sleep bags inventions in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda. Beyoncé can be saving at least two thousand premature infants due to her contribution. These baby warmers have already been used in some parts of the world, but this will now help ensure more parents are able to get them.

Beyoncé announced her life changing donation while being at Gucci’s Chime for Change anniversary party. Since Chime for Change is whole heartedly dedicated to helping women everywhere, it was a great way to openly voice her donation. Jane Chen, the TED Fellow and TED speaker behind the baby warmers, was thrilled by the support.

Here’s some words!

“She [Beyoncé] told me how incredible she thought the innovation was I think what struck me was how sweet and genuine she was—and just so excited about our work. One of my most memorable moments was getting to dance with her after we spoke.” Beyoncé’s publicist, who had given birth to a premature baby, also fully understood the importance of this invention.

Being as how I was born Prematurely, and knowing how important things like Sleeping bags, and even someone donating blood helps a lot! Premature babies are being born daily, and so many complications comes up, and its hard on parents as well. So I really thank Beyonce for being so kind and selfless and helping these babies and families out.

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