Atlanta exes cast.

Okay there is not a day that goes by, where some baby mother to a famous man, dreams to be on a reality show. In Atlanta its a given. If didn’t know there’s a new show called “Atlanta exes”and its staring Kevin harts ex wife. Torrie. Ushers crazy ex wife Tameka. Idris Elba ex wife. And Neyo ex girlfriend or whatever she was. But last night as the ladies was filming, Dj babey drews crazy, wannabe famous ratchet mess ex girlfriend Traci Steel, had gotten into some issue with usher ex wife, and now Tameka is reportedly off the show?

Okay. Get this straight. I really hate shows like this because, these guys had married these women thinking they were good women, and now they’re out here getting money off their formal love? And Traci steel…girl go do your job, take care of little drew how you acted on Lhhatl was so stupid.

I feel bad for usher, now we see why your mother didn’t like your ex wife, its so sad seeing women cashing their stories for money.
And then will get upset when someone ask them about something, and say “thats my personal life” well you signed up for this…
This is why these famous men/guys are so hard on trust us girls, and there are good girls out here, but there are deep snakes out here too.

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