Meet the Wades!
A very big congratulations to DWade and my girl Gabrielle Union or their marital union on Saturday.
Celeb guest and family friends came to see the most beautiful of all couples come together as one,in Miami Florida at the château Artisian. Gabby wore a Dennis Basso dress Dwade..umm not sure about the name of his dashing suit, but he looked handsomely sharp completing his new wife in White.

Wedding fashioned.
As the pictures began to come out, factor was made obvious that the theme was black and white. Ladies took the white dress, men took the black suits.
All the couples look amazing! But my favorite couple on the list has to go to the Lala and Carmelo Anthony. Lala was looking flawless in her white form fitting dress, hair swooping to the side in wave curls..
Chris Bosh and his Wife looked equally awesome. But I think his wife Adrienne and Lala had the same idea in mind. I love it ! The mermaid curl side hair, Adrienne bosh had sleeves with her fabulous white fit dress looking like omg.

Back to the Wades. These two have went through it at the top of 2014, faced with craziness and rumors but through it all they found their silver line and its love. Wish them the best.

Hide your kids. This ain’t Disney.
Princess of the Rebels Miley Cyrus, may not have those cutesy looking mouse ears but she sure showing her stuff for the September issue of V Magazine!

Shot by the king of fashion himself Karl largerfeld Mikey goes pink pop. Teddy bear blue. And totally stripped to nothing, its floating mileys nonstop boat so sail on miley
Karl is doing a heck of a job, lately he’s been using the pop forward players this year as his muses miley is missing link, she maybe controversial but her face is getting light in the fashion world. Face it the mouse ears are dead and gone

Congratulations Ariana…

Ariana Grande. Has took it up 20 times more since last night at the Vmas, she won her first moon-man for pop artist, and shutting the stage down singing her single Break Free from her new album that was released today titled
My Everything! And even setting the stage on a light fire with Hip Hop hottest woman Nicki Minaj, and one of my fav singers Jesse J.

Ariana kinda shocked us when she walked the carpet in a little hot Moschino number from the creative mind of Jeremy Scott, and switching lanes in her Beyonce inspired stage crystal thigh one piece, and going back to basics in her black and strike of white thigh number. With high boots working her little self. Not forgetting her famous ponytail and free flowing hair in the back, Ariana is finally swimming in the sea of change and its great!

But I guess we can somewhat thank her change to her boyfriend Big Sean. If you’re guessing why you didn’t see him in the seats cheering for his girl, he was most definitely supporting her back stage where Mtv web cameras caught them both sharing sometime together. Ariana fell a bit, but sean caught her and they both walked off holding hands. ..

To be honest I love these two together, they’re both two shorties and have a good chemistry no lie. After fans seeing them out together, and nightly beach dates? Cmon son. And age difference isn’t a deal. Ariana is 21. Sean is 26. Their styles maybe different, but they make a fit together. Ariana better get it! Yes girl!

My Vmas Red Carpet favorites!
Beyonce has to be up in my mix because she is Beyonce!
Her dress fit her body to a curvy B! Peep through! She looked super stunning! And like a true woman, doing her signature pose, hair like a mid 70s curl flip. She is just everything!

Rita ora. Kill the game in her slip up breezy do Red dress. I love her style became she’s daring, and bold about it, no matter what it is, her hair actually complemented her summary gown showing good amount of skin for the heat of Sunday.

Ariana Grande. Finally kicks it up in moschino black fitted bodycon tube dress…mmhm. thanks big sean for helping her bring the inner hotness out.

Joan smalls and Jordan Dunn, both balmain babes and besties look hot! Jordan always amazes me, she pulled a crop top, while her bff Joan did a boxey Aztec two piece.

Their other bestie Chanel Iman came in Balmain as well, looking beautiful! Showing a new hair cut with a pretty smile to match.

My girl Nicki minaj still killing it! In her sleeve up top, leg showing number. Im sorry but nicki killed it.

And last but not at all least Jlo! Over 40 and fabulous! Like God!

The night Beyonce gave me life!

I couldn’t even think straight to give a Vma recap.last night, because that’s just how much Beyonce took over my being as a person…

First of All..Beyonce was looking like everything! Like glory in heaven! She preformed in custom Tom Ford outfit showing her beyond amazing Body.
Beyonce was the recipient for the Vmas MJ vanguard award. Which is the highest Vma you can get!

The Queen/King Bey, preformed 4 minutes of songs from her Beyonce album, Blow. Blue. Haunted. Partition. Drunk in Love. Mine and more…plus with killer dances. Beyonce was giving us life! Like it was a concert! She came with it with Flawless, and even her baby girl Blue Ivy who is flawless like her Mama Beyonce, was getting her toddler life! She was pausing and doing the flawless hand because she woke up like this! Flawless!
JayZ also was there holding his and Beyonce daughter looking like a beyond proud husband supporting his wife.

After Beyonce took our breath away, and gave it back to use when she sung XO for us Fans. But the real tear bringer was when Beyonce award was being given, they surprised her by having her husband Jayz and daughter Blue Ivy looking all types of OMG, and just unreal! We also heard Blue saying
“Good job Mommy” over the microphone, I think in that moment we all was crying with Beyonce.

I really feel like Beyonce has surpassed everything! She is everything! Yet she is so humble, sweet, and just nice! From meeting fans, to her charity work, and she is just…amazing like omg. Last night I was just in the mist of tears…she icon and she is legend…


Okay you all. I know a lot of things are coming up…and just a heads up.
I’m in the mist of moving! So you know what that means. Television and internet will be out until a few days. I’ll do my best to post by mobile. In between unpack and moving things in my house.
So peace out style scouts !